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Basic Sourcecodes (easy to understand)

Re-coded (in Javascript, PHP, QB64, VB6)


Javascript (1)
Apps Diagram
PHP (4)
Apps Counter, Guestbook, Forum, Newsticker to HTML
QB64 (13)
Apps Clock
Games Snake
Graphics DOSMatrix, Flamecube, Grayflies, Hypnotic, Since-Ascii, Since-Intro, Rotate, Spiraltext, Spot, Wirecube, Warpstars
VB6 (7)
Apps Multi Port Scanner, sIRC, zClock, zFTP
Graphics 3D Stars, Raindots, The Matrix

Archive (AiO)

+ pre-compiled binaries
+ resources
+ runtime of vb6
+ source-codes
+ beta-versions
Programming Language(s)
+ PHP v5.x
+ PHP v7.x
+ Javascript
+ QB64 v1.000
+ Visual Basic v6.0 Enterprise
tsc-code-2018.zip 2018-MAI-14 | 247F | ~9,20MB


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